Lines & Veils

In the spirit of creating a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone at the table, we use this Lines & Veils document to establish boundaries and comfort levels for our game.

This document ensures that all players have a clear understanding of the content that may/may not arise during the game.

By participating in our groups, you agree to adhere to these guidelines.


"Lines" refer to content that is absolutely off-limits. These Lines are non-negotiable and will not be incorporated into the game narrative under any circumstances.

The following topics are considered Lines in our game:

Extremely detailed descriptions of:

 - Gore
 - Torture
 - Extreme Violence.
 - Self Harm

are not permitted under any circumstances.

- Overtly detailed sexual descriptions in any capacity

- Sexual references in any form involving other players without explicit prior consent by both DM and Player.

- Any form of non-consensual sexual activity.


"Veils" refer to content that might be present in the game but will be handled with discretion, subtlety, or "fade to black" approaches. These topics will be touched upon, but no explicit or detailed descriptions will be given.

The following topics are considered Veils in our game:

While romantic relationships might exist within the story, any overly explicit content will be veiled and handled with a "fade to black" approach.

References to substances may be present within the world, however their use and effects might be veiled in some excessive instances.

Themes such as:

 - Violence
 - Trauma
 - Extreme emotional distress

may arise, however, they will be approached with care and respect for player comfort.

The Lines and Veils may be updated or modified at any point during the campaign

If you want to add something to the Lines or Veils lists, please communicate it with the DM.

By adhering to these Lines and Veils, we are collectively committing to creating a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone involved.