Character Sheet: DM Rebecca

Name: DM Rebecca
Ancestry: Dungeon Master
Class: Storyteller
Background: Loremaster
Alignment: Neutral Arbiter
Level: 27
Experience Points:
  • • Creativity: 20
  • • Adaptability: 25
  • • Knowledge of Rules: 19
  • • Player Engagement: 20
  • • Worldbuilding: Expert
  • • NPC Mastery: Expert
  • • Puzzle Design: Proficient
  • • Improvisation: Legendary
  • • Conflict Resolution: Masterful
  • • Mathematical Problem Solving: …Unpredictable
Attuned Equipment:
  • • Unending Library of Knowlwedge: A near infinite library of rulebooks, guides, and supplements.
  • • Dice of Critical Success: Cosmic large print dice that always roll the perfect outcome.
  • • Infinite Notebook: Endless pages of campaign notes, excel sheets and addons.
Special Abilities:
  • • Storytelling Mastery: As a DM, I have the ability to craft epic and immersive stories, bringing the game world to life.
  • • Rule Adjudicator: I have proficiency with all D&D 5e rulebooks, allowing me to make fair and consistent rulings.
  • • Plot Twist Generator: I can surprise and challenge players with unexpected plot twists and developments.
  • • Adaptive Game Flow: I can seamlessly adapt to players' choices, ensuring a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.
I am a seasoned Dungeon Master of 10 years with a passion for storytelling and world-building. My journey as a DM began – as many adventures do – in the back room of a local tavern. My introduction to tabletop roleplaying games began with a haphazard pile of broken spined books, a group of towering TTRPG veterans (who had a +5 to Intelligence and a -2 to Real Life Skills) and a cobbled together set of dice. I was immediately voluntold into the role of the Dungeon Master and have been hosting games ever since. Over the years, I’ve honed my skills, created countless worlds, and led adventurers through epic quests. My dedication to creating memorable experiences for my players is unwavering.
My current goal is to continue crafting immersive and unforgettable adventures for my players. I aspire to challenge them with intriguing plots, memorable characters, and epic battles. I also strive to introduce new players to the world of TTRPGs and share with others the community that was so welcoming to me.